How it works / FAQ


1. Register.

You will find the link in the top right corner. You can connect with your Facebook login, or you can create a  new account with a user name, your email, and a password. You will receive an email, so that you can verify that it is really your email address.

2. Find a video you would like to watch, and push "Buy".


3. Choose between access to that single video for 30 days or a subscription that gives you access to all videos for 30 days: 

Buy subscription

A subscription gives you access to ALL videos for 30 days. It is renewed monthly, and you can end it whenever you like.

Buy single video
In order to buy access to a single video, you first need to get one or more "credits". A credit is worth 1 euro, and will give access to 1 video for 30 days. Once you have bought one or more credits you can use them to get access to videos. 

For more about credits, see "What are credits?" in the Frequently asked questions section below.






Can other people see my profile?

Yes, they can. If you don't want others to see your profile, you can set it to "hidden".


What are credits?

1 credit = 1 euro. You use credits to buy access to single videos. You can buy one or several credits at once, and then use your credits whenever you please. On your profile page you can see how many credits you have already, and buy more credits:


How do I end my subscription?

You do this in PayPal. Go to your PayPal account and stop the monthly payment. You will still continue to have access to videos in WebDanceTV for the remainder of the 30 days you already paid for.


How do I set favourites?

Below a video, you will see a little heart symbol. Push this in order to set the video as a favourite. You can view your favourites on your profile page. You have to be logged in to be able to set favourites.


Do you have questions that haven't been answered? Contact us at support(at)

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